[img src=]3501st drum set Live in the back yard
[img src=]310Ozzy Set-Up
[img src=]240
[img src=]340My wife Jeanne and my # 1 babe & fan ! .
[img src=]250
[img src=]250
[img src=]200
[img src=]270
[img src=]270The Band !
[img src=]170
[img src=]200
[img src=]220
[img src=]180Chicago 1989, Defcon at the
[img src=]170Rehearsal Debrissa Mckinney, Erik Norlander,& August Worley
[img src=]300Fantasia
[img src=]280DEFCON in the studio with Rudy Sarzo
[img src=]180Nick & Leah
[img src=]200Michael Cartellone (Skynyrd drummer) & Myself @ Blossom Concert
[img src=]170Nick LePar & Steve Arrendale
[img src=]190The Mrs. my # 1 babe !
[img src=]280Nightrider
[img src=]190
THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE LINE - UP<br />Erik Norlander – Keyboards<br />Freddy Demarco – Guitar<br />Mark Matthews – Bass<br />Nick Lepar – drums<br /><br />NEW PROJECT FROM WORLD RENOWNED KEYBOARDIST ERIK NORLANDER
[img src=]180
[img src=]240John Lindstrom, Michael Cartellone(Skynard drummer) & Sammy LePar .(Blossom)
[img src=]200Steve Hammond (97.5 WONE,Typhiod Mary) Kevin Ryan (Derringer?Travers) & Nick
[img src=]260Hey, it was the 80's
[img src=]330DEFCON - Tony, Nick and Mark
[img src=]160
[img src=]190Sammy LePar Taking Flight !
[img src=]210Very first set-up after I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.


Nick LePar’s new endeavor with Erik Norlander. Maybe his finest work to date!  (see Nick’s Store page above for more info)


Erik Norlander – Keyboards
Freddy Demarco – Guitar
Mark Matthews – Bass
Nick Lepar – drums



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