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It all started when I was 5 yrs old and happened to see The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. 

The next day I was pounding on cardboard boxes & coffee cans,(see pic) During the next few years my brother & sister were blasting Zeppelin, Who, Hendrix, Grand Funk etc. on the stereo. That music became my inspiration.

I got my first drum set soon after. Eventually, my parents decided to have me take drum lessons from a family relative, who was Joe Vitale  (Joe Walsh, Crosby Stills & Nash, etc..)

Eventually Joe gave up teaching to hit the road that would make up his legendary career.
After years of listening to the musicians that had the natural talent and chemistry that set them apart from anything since,  I developed my own style, and drumming just came naturally.

I started playing in bars, clubs & dances during High School. Then it was the Cleveland, PA circuits with the bands Nightrider, Backseat Romance and Quick.


“Backseat”was booked at the Cleveland Agora every Friday,  it was there I happened to meet many celebrities including, Carmine Appice, (drummer for Cactus, Jeff Beck, Rod, Ozzy).

One year later I entered the “ CarmineAppiceDrumOff ” contest in Cleveland and won 1st place out of 50 area drummers.

The prize was a free trip to the National Drum Off in Hollywood California. Out of 60 drummers I came in at 10th place, and got to meet many of my favorite drummers.

In 1988 I moved to Chicago with the band “Defcon” and had the pleasure of recording a cd produced by RUDY SARZO ( Ozzy,  Whitesnake ) as well as touring all over the place.

During that time I also came in 2nd place at the Chicago Drum Center “ Drum Off ”.

Over the years I’ve shared the stage with, LA. Guns , Pat Travers , Kansas , Yes , Pat Benetar, Nazereth,  Blue Oyster Cult, Rick Derringer, BulletBoys,  Stryper, PeterFrampton, Starship, Isley Bros. and more.


Also possible “Defcon” and  ” Dreamstreet ”  reunions in the future.

I’ll always be hoping for the ultimate gig, but I’m proud of everything I’ve done so far, and everybody I’ve had the pleasure meeting and working with.

Thanks to all of you!


Nick LePar on the drums.




6 Responses to Nick’s Bio

  • Jim Smith says:

    Nick, “Hoping for the ultimate gig?” My ultimate gig was working with you in our early bands (Brandy Hollow, Fantazia and Nightrider). You were always a world-class drummer who played with attitude, precision and style. And you were always a pleasure to work with. I have immense respect and admiration for you, as a musician, drummer and most of all as a great human being. While I’m happy with my life and my solo gig, I really miss those days more than you might imagine.
    Best wishes, always, JS

    • Nick LePar says:

      Wow Jim, Thanks a lot for all the kind words! I miss those days too, back then musicians/bands were much more in demand, and much more appreciated, I think, anyhow! Remember the days when we couldn’t wait to go pick up a new Zeppelin album, or Who, McCartney and so many other huge inspiring artist! I wish the music scene was like that today, but the days of WMMS and all that good stuff are just a great memory now, but I’m so happy I got to be a part of it all, and all those practices we had and everything else we did, made me a much better musician in the long run. Great to hear from you, and we’ll jam again one of these days! Have a great Holiday Season! Thanks, Nick***********

  • Brian J. Boudler says:

    Nick LePar,” Way to go my friend! Glad to see you “made it!” though I’m not surprised! Haven’t seen you since Hyle took me to see Nightrider (1978/79?) Sorry I haven’t yet heard of any of your bands besides Brandy Hollow and Nightrider (and Pat Travers!)! The good ol’ days indeed! Nice drum solo! I’m glad for you, and proud that I was a small part of those early days with Brandy Hollow (Nick and Hyle and Jim (Hi Jim!) and Ozzie!) I still remember running the lights for you guys for a couple of shows, Had a blast! Keep on!

    • Jim Smith says:

      Hello, Brian Boudler! THERE’s a name I haven’t heard in a LONG time, but could never forget. Actually, somewhere I have photos of the “first” incarnation of “Brandy Hollow”. We did a gig in 1972 or 1973 with you on drums and Hyle on bass. Wishing you the very best. Hope to see you around sometime! Best wishes, my friend.

  • Nick LePar says:

    Nick LePar here..LOL…I’m going to be playing some shows here and there this year with different artist etc.
    One confirmed will be MAY 28th In NORWALK OHIO for the Cherry Blossom Festival 7pm to 9pm……Thanks!

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